(melanocytic lesions, etc.)


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1. /advmyxfib.htm - fibroblastic tumor of the skin with variable myxoid components and a high component of dendritic histiocytes (epithelioid cell histiocytoma or epithelioid fibrous histiocytoma;

2. /indexlmm.html - minimal deviation lentigo maligna melanoma;

3. /index3.html - minimal deviation melanoma of halo nevus-like type;

4. /mihm1.html - minimal deviation nevoid melanoma;

5. /near-neopl.html - near-neoplasia of halo nevus- like type;

6. /metashalo.html - minimal deviation melanoma of halo nevus-like type;

7. /spitzjuvmel.html - juvenile melanoma (MDM of Spitz nevus-like type;

8. /spectrumspitz.html - /variations in Spitz-like category;

9. /acralentmela.html - acral lentiginous mela-    noma, vintage 1950-1960ís;

10. /borderland.html - thin melanomas in vertical growth and with recurrence or metastases;

11. /malpractice1a.html - problems in the interpretation of uncommon melanocytic lesions;

12. /InflamDermato/indexdir.html - histologic classification of inflammatory diseases of the skin;

13. Reed Patch1 - Whithers1, Whithers2, Whithers3, and /desmomela.html - concepts of melanocytic neoplasia;

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